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Risborough 1st XV

Player Profile

  • Full Name: William George Batting
  • Age: 29
  • Job: Management accountant for a field marketing agency
  • Ruby position: Prop/Fly half
  • Years played for RRFC: Since the club was founded in 2008
  • Age started playing rugby and why: Aged 9. My mum worked in a pub and a regular told her that she should bring her sons along to rugby. The following Sunday I went along to a session and absolutely loved it (Plus I used to get a ‘boys’ shandy in the bar after training!)
  • Rugby nickname & why: Slim. Rob Hill gave me the nickname and in its full format is ‘Slim the buffet slayer’. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but he tells me it’s ironic!
  • Which premiership team do you support: London Wasps
  • Rugby hero & why: Jason Leonard ‘The Funbus!’. Played for England in the amateur and pro days. Also flanked for me on a scrum machine once and almost put my head through the roller! I forgive him..
  • Best thing about playing for RRFC: The banter, the mates, the rugby, the beer and Gomo!

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