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Risborough 1st XV

Player Profile

  • Full name: Richard Rhys Selby
  • Age: 25
  • Job: Risk Analyst
  • Rugby position:Winger
  • Years played for RRFC: Currently in my third season and loving it!
  • Age started playing rugby & why: I started at 22 after years of failed attempts at being a footballer. After putting on a bit of weight in the gym, a friend of mine thought I would be better suited to running through people rather than past them! I’m still not sure if he was right..
  • Rugby nickname & why: Unfortunately I picked up the nickname Sicknote. Due to my copious abuse of fake tan, teeth whitening kits and tight nylon clothing, I develop a variety of allergic reactions and conditions which prohibit me from playing. I also have a gammy hammy and a predisposition for skipping my stretches.
  • Which premiership team do you support: I actually have a soft spot for Wasps.
  • Rugby hero & why: I grew up watching Shane Williams and his ridiculous sidesteps for Wales. However I then realised I was more suited to the slightly more aggressive style of wing play and I loved watching George North at his best, he was an absolute monster! An obvious note to Jonah Lomu.
  • Best thing about playing for RRFC: Easiest question so far! Nicest bunch of guys I’ve ever met. All completely welcoming, warm and supportive. Always there for you when you need them and they always have your back. Apart from Chan, he’s a prick..

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