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Full name: Jodie Kate Robinson
Age: 27
Job: Nursery manager
Rugby position: Number 8 or Flanker
Years played for RRFC Ladies: From when they started, so I guess this will be my 4th season.
Age started playing rugby & why: 24, purely for the fitness at the time over the summer, I’d always enjoyed watching rugby but hadn’t really pictured myself playing until I started doing
the fitness.
Which premiership team do you support: Wasps because they used to play at Adams Park which is only a few miles up the road from my Dad’s house.
Rugby hero & why: I think it would have to be Johnny Wilkinson, I just remember watching the 2003 world cup and all the excitement with his last drop goal just before the end.
Best thing about playing for RRFC Ladies: Definitely the social side, the girls and coaches are all lovely and everyone gets on so well, I honestly couldn’t wish for a better team! I also love that we go on tour at the end of the season, the last couple of years have been to Majorca to play in an international rugby tournament, it has a great vibe and just feels like a fun holiday with friends!

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