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Full name: Hannah Jean Gale – Jean because it was both my grandparents first name!
Age: 27
Job: I support young people in Bucks for Bernardos.
Rugby position: Scrum half but covered fly half during injury – just call me Greig Laidlaw!
Years played for RRFC Ladies: Since 2014, this is my 4th season.
Age started playing rugby & why: I started at a young age, under 7, then decided I preferred dancing! When I went to university I heard that rugby socials were..err..a bit more my cup of tea and thought it would be a good way to make friends, plus when I went to the dance team at the sports fair they weren’t very welcoming. So I say that I started playing when I was 18 really, when I went to Coventry university, Cov Cov Cov!!
Rugby hero & why: Danny Care, I used to watch YouTube videos of him over and over again whilst I was at university, that was pretty much how I learnt the art of being a scrum half! I also used to watch ‘big hits’ before games to get me pumped and this is where I came across Sam Burgess and fell in love with him and his 3 brothers!! I don’t particularly follow women’s rugby but I do rate Emily Scarrett as a player..
Best thing about playing for RRFC Ladies: I’m not sure there is one particular thing but I love the ‘history’ of the club and how the people who started it are still here with active roles and I am thankful they opened the club up and welcomed/created a ladies team. Risborough is great because both the men’s and ladies teams are seen as one rather than segregating them. I come to training every week mainly because I enjoy playing rugby but I also love the camaraderie of the team and the club as a whole (plus the beer!).

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