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Full name: Daniel James Brown
Age: 35
Job: IT Consultant
Rugby position: Any position if selected! – but preferably back row or second row.
Years played for RRFC: 10 years this year but with 4 retirements and a lot of ‘rugby holidays’.
Age started playing rugby & why: Started at under 6’s for the Chinnor! Was an oversized fat lad who could run a bit.. football or dancing was not an option!
Rugby nickname & why: Big Dan. For obvious reasons and not because I have a massive… moving on!!
Which premiership team do you support: I’ve supported Harlequins since I was young. The 1st professional match I ever watched was Quins vs Wasps so I had to choose! Gareth Rees was the Wasps 10 and was rubbish so I chose Quins!
Rugby hero & why: The one and only Martin Johnson. The best leader England has had for many years, world cup winning captain and proper nice guy. Martin coached me for a week many years ago when I was on a BT Cellnet rugby training course, same time as I had the “famous” TV interview for ITV. Couldn’t think of anything to say so said “Meeting Martin and Jason Leonard was like a dream come true”! Weirdly, 25 years later, that is a true statement.
Best thing about playing for RRFC: After playing for so many years and nearly making it in the junior ranks, I snapped my hip flexor, I completely fell out of love with the game, I hated it! One minute you are running out for England school boys, the next you can’t walk. Then the famous Whiteleaf night happened! What more could a man need?! When Risborough RFC was born that night, it was exactly what I needed to pull my finger out. Playing with my friends is one thing but getting the chance I never though I would have to play with my two brothers is something else. Unfortunately we have not played in the same team all that much as one of us is always injured but we will always have the Witney away game!! This club is built on family and friendship, something missing from many other clubs. Why would I want to play for anyone else?

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