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Full name: Damien Paul Brown
Age: 33
Job: IT Manager
Rugby position: 13
Years played for RRFC: Gutted to say I never played the 1st ever game but 10 years.
Age started playing rugby & why: I started at the age of 7, it was a family thing really, following in the footsteps of my older brother Dan. My only ambition was to become better than him and I’m proud to say that at the age of 7 years and 2 months my dream came true.
Nickname & why: Bigger Damien. It was originally Big D but having reached the milestone of 100 caps for the club, a meeting of all top officials was held to change this. Why you may ask? Mr brother’s nickname is Big Dan and he is stuck on 72 caps so it was decided there needed to be a distinguishing element of how much better I am in so many ways. I think it has worked out well. Another nickname has come about recently, dildo-hands, but it has no factual evidence to back it up!!!
Which premiership team do you support: Wasps, went to my first game when I was about 10 and never looked back really. I actually went to a Saracens game before that but, seeing a stadium full of Tommy Coopers with fez hats on waving their fingers at a kicker, I thought…[email protected]
Rugby hero & why: Lawrence Dallaglio. Not only do we look the same and play the same, we are both classed as rugby legends. The main difference between him and I is that I have actually won more domestic trophies than he has so it puts me ahead slightly. Ask him (and Big Dan) the same question I bet he says Damien Brown.
Best thing about playing for RRFC: The culture of the club – play some rugby, have a good laugh and have a beer (a lot of beer).

(This picture is Risborough in a nutshell. We won 1 game that year but never gave up. This was taken as the final whistle went after a successful penalty in the last second of the game)


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