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Full name: Charles James Krabbe
Age: 21
Job: Quantity Surveyor
Rugby position: Flanker
Years played for RRFC: Coming up to the end of my first season!
Age started playing rugby & why: I started playing when I was 6, played football for a short time before that until my football coach told my parents that I was playing with the wrong shaped ball… he might not have meant a rugby ball but here we are!
Nickname & why: Here we go! I have a couple, first off it was “Mummy’s boy” and then it became “No six pack” as body shaming is deemed acceptable at RRFC… I mean it’s ironic because of my massive six pack…
Which premiership team do you support: Wasps!
Rugby hero & why: Mike Brown has been my favourite player to watch in the last 5 years, more for his tenacity than ability but I would have to say of all time it has to be Richie McCaw. The bloke was pure class, don’t think there will ever be such a talented back row to play the game.
Best thing about playing for RRFC: I’ve seen this answer come up a few times before but it has to be the people that make up the club. I was welcomed from my first session and made to feel part of the team, granted they all regret it now that they know me! But you won’t find a nicer bunch of people if you tried!

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