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Risborough 1st XV

Player Profile

Full name: Andrew James Emmett
Age: 37
Job: Senior draughtsman
Rugby position: Second row or Full back
Player Sponsor: Bumbleebee Jewellery –
Years played for RRFC: Since the beginning, 10 years!!
Age started playing rugby & why: I started playing rugby 10 years ago, but never really played before we formed the club. It seemed like a pretty decent laugh and got to spend my time with a great bunch of mates, so we created the club and got to work!
Nickname & why: Heroic Mo. It was given to me by Damien and the reason is 2-fold. First of all he idolises me (hence the ‘heroic’ part) and secondly I float like a butterfly and sting like a
bee when I play (hence the ‘mo’ part). It’s a little embarrassing to be honest but I guess everyone has to have a role model in life, it’s a big cross to bear but I’ve got big shoulders!!
Which premiership team do you support: Wasps
Rugby hero & why: Martin Johnson. A fantastic player, leader and captain. I guess I take after him hence Damien’s fascination with me!
Best thing about playing for RRFC: I guess it’s because I helped create the club with some great people and I get to play and train with my mates.

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